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Wild Woman: A Polyamory Memoir by Audrey Perris

A modern fairytale by of emotional, erotic, and existential healing through the freedom of love beyond two. Follow Ella, a fiery, passionate, possessive, and newly divorced single mother down the rabbit hole from monogamy to communal polyamory.

What begins as an experiment in drawing outside the conventional lines of love transmutes into a fantastic journey towards rekindling her sensual fire, revitalizing her motherhood, rebuilding the family tribe, redefining sisterhood, and unapologetically reclaiming her feminine wildness. Warning: this is not your classical storybook version of “happily even after”. 

Wild Woman – First Date

Yes, it was a first date, but it was no ordinary first date. This was my first date with a man other than my ex-husband in twelve years. A man…with a serious live-in girlfriend. A girlfriend…who knew I existed.

Wild Woman – The Day After

Ending a marriage in the world we live in today is synonymous with catastrophic emotional and financial hardship. This was top of mind for me for years as I contemplated whether to continue my matrimonial obligations. However, nothing was more terrifying about the idea of divorce than the unraveling of my family tapestry.

Wild Woman – Adam’s Lessons

Throughout my life, I would occasionally experience a strange sensation upon encountering certain people for the first time. It was an eerie tingling; a prickle across my skin like a wayward ant at a summer picnic. A muted voice would whisper, “You will know them.”

Kai’s Journal

Insightful and heart-centered perspectives from a real live conscious polyamorous man. Kai is also the dashing hero in Audrey Perris’s online memoir, Unfenced. 

A Letter to the Man Who Sleeps with the Woman I Love

This essay is a companion to my love's Letter To The Woman Whose Man I'm Sleeping With. Both letters were inspired by the exquisitely vulnerable essay "A Letter To The Women Who Sleep With My Man" by Wilrieke Sophia. Dear Brother - I am in joy. I am also scared....

Nonmonogamy Essays, Commentaries, and Musings

Thoughts from the site authors and fearless readers on their own journey as it relates to expanding their definition of love.